A happy soul

My 2017 started on a very good note. Yes, I was holidaying in Australia. 
All the negative thoughts, anxiety and dullness of 2016, vanished! A month of holiday was enough to kill one year of my depressing state. 

Also, What is the purpose of any holiday?
To have a break from one's current life and enjoy each & every moment. True! 
But my holiday gave me more than that. It gave back a new me! A better, matured and a happy self. 

It's complicated to express your feelings in such a state. Most of the time, nobody understands you. Their cheering doesn't help. 
But I have survived it all. The fear of going back to those days, pushes me to keep my mind occupied with some or the other thing! 

Even though a lot of things still remain unsorted. Only thing I am sure about are the things I don't want in my life. I think that's enough to give me a direction and work accordingly. If I am fortunate enough, everything will fall into place... 
Till then I want to enjoy and appreciate what I have today. Keep my fingers crossed for future. :D

Have you ever had such a state ? What kept you going ? What changed you? Share your experience in the comment section below. 

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