Winter feels!

Nothing is better than a winter morning shoot. Waking up in the morning and leaving your cosy bed is one of the toughest tasks to do, but a hot cup of coffee does the trick. Dressing up in winter clothes is next best thing to look forward to.

Taking a break from staple winter colours - Black, Brown, Grey. I brightened my look with Red - Blue scarf and a Mustard cardigan. I have to tell you about this sweater which was soft and comfy. To be precise, softer than a teddy bear. :) 
Making me so huggable. :P 

Would you brighten your winter look like I did? Or would you stick to the winter staples ? Let me know your views on the same, in the comment section below. :)

Denim Corset - Lifestyle
Skirt, Cardigan, Boots, Bag - Forever21 
Scarf - Exhibition 

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Anchal Mehra