Mid - week Blues!

It's Wednesday, another day when I pushed myself to come to office. This is not because I don't like my office but I m tired of travelling four hours a day.
 Also, every time I open my Facebook or Instagram, my feed is filled with vacation pictures that only adds to my frustration. 

So, to end my mid - week blues, I did what I love the most - Styling. :D Currently, I am doing a lot of men's styling and here I give you men's beach look.

What do you think about this post? Where are you holidaying ? Do tell me in the comment section below.  :)

T shirt - Hollister
Shorts - Bangkok
Slippers - Bangkok
Sunglasses  - Forever21

A big thanks to Vikas, for sparing his office time and doing this shoot. :)

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Anchal Mehra