The Royal Affair

After full four days of wedding extravaganza, the Big Night finally came. Being the groom's sister, it's really important to look the best from the rest. ;) This being the last outfit for the wedding, I chose a Lehngha that was elegant as well as trendy. 

As far as Indian wear is concerned , I am obsessed with anything and everything i.e. Peacock - prints, colors, embroidery. This obsession is clearly visible in my look. 

I searched every possible place in Delhi for Lehngha which had Peacock element in it. Unfortunately, couldn't get my hands on anything great. But I was in no mood to settle for anything that came to me. I wanted the look to be unique and outshine all the others.

This being the last outfit for the wedding, I wanted a Lehngha that was elegant as well as trendy. It is really a difficult task to find something you have visualized. So, the only option I was left with was to get it Customized. The very first thing I wanted were Peacock Colors to be in my Lehngha. Second, I wanted it to be in an Angrakha style. Third, Peacocks on Lehngha. :) 

Trust me, it was really a risky business for me. One can never guess, what's the end result of your visual imagination coming to reality. But luckily, I loved it. :) It had everything just like a Peacock has beauty, grace and elegance. :)

Out of all the wedding outfit looks I have shared, this is my favorite. Since, it has my personal touch.:) Let me know,what do you think about the look. ;)

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