Finally, a Day off !

Work! Work! Work!

That's what I have been doing from last two weeks. Trust me, the fashion world looks so much fun and glamorous from outside. It takes a lot of hard work and patience. 

Good thing about my hectic schedule is the more I style people. The more looks I can share with you all. Recently, I even styled for my college Advertisement which got published in Times of India. (See here):D 

But this shoot is all about a day I spent with myself not caring about sourcing, styling people.  A much needed break, just to prepare myself for coming two weeks which are going to be even more stressful because of my final submissions.

This break doesn't mean, I can't pose. ;) 

How do you find this look?
You can leave a comment below. :)

Top - Lifestyle
Skirt - Shop Ninteen
Hat - Forever21
Heels - Kins
Necklace - Forever21
Bag - Colette

Photography - Harneet Singh

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Anchal Mehra