Shopping or Posing ?

We all love shopping and there is no doubt in that.

From my last few visits to shopping mall, I have realized I have been posing more for pictures than doing shopping. 

Admit it, our shopping trips that turn into photo shoots. By the time we reach home, we have more selfies in our phone than Shopping bags.

I still haven't figured out what I am more addicted too. Probably both. :D

Here, is a boring shopping day turned into shoot day. ;)

What do you guys like more Shopping or Posing?
Do leave a comment. :)

Crop Top - Forever21
Blazer -  Srishti Grover 
Culottes - Forever21
Shoes - StreetStyleStore
Sunglasses - Forever21
Bag - Kardashian Kollection 
Earrings - Rosabelle Treasures 

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Photo Credits - Picture Perfect by Vaibhav