All that Glitters, matters!

Post Mehndi, we had a cocktail party planned.

The moment I entered the venue, everyone mistook my dressing for 1920's style. Even though my gown was Renaissance inspired with gloves but the headgear was 1920's inspired.

One of the problem I usually encounter during weddings is wearing gown with Mehndi hands. I personally hate that. So, to avoid it I usually don't get any Mehndi done. But this time even that couldn't be possible since it was my brothers wedding. All thanks to season's trend Gloves (my life saviour), I could get Mehndi done and still wear gown with it. :D :P

I won't keep you busy with all the details, I hope you like the look. :)

Gown - Customized
Gloves - Sparkling Strawberry
Ring - Claire's
Headgear - Gifted

Tell me what do you think about the look in the comment section below. :)

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Anchal Mehra