Gifting ideas for V Day

Love is in the Air...

Yeah,its February and all people care about is Valentine's Day.
Top of that What to gift him/her.? 

So, I am here to help you with some ideas below.. 

1. Couple Day Spa

What could be more relaxing than this..??
A day out with your partner with a peaceful atmosphere..Just two of you enjoying the moment without any worldly disturbances...

2. Love Basket

A beautiful love basket decorated with Red ribbons,you can add Chocolates , wine / champagne ,  a gift (read full post to get ideas ) with a handwritten note. 

3. Jewelry/Accessories

Accessories makes a girl happy.And there is no doubt in the statement.
 Buy her one , it could be anything ring , necklace. 

4. Adventure day

While watching ' Ugly Truth ', it occurred in my mind..My personal favourite.

 For couples who love adventure, they can go for Para sailing , Rafting..
 As they say, couple who adventure together, stay together.. ;)

5. Personalized Phone Cover

While we had personalized  pillows , mugs ,  shirts..Its time we move a step forward and get couple picture for phone cover.

6. A Bag

Buy a her a nice bag and she will love you forever :D Trust me on this one.. ;)

7. Cold - Porcelain flowers

Instead of going with real flowers, I would suggest 'Cold Porcelain Flowers' because firstly you are not destroying nature for your personal use.Secondly, they last long.


Most guys are Gadget freak..Buy something latest.. :)

9. Decorate your Place


While your partner loves the extra efforts you put in. This one is going to give you all the more points.. :D Create a romantic scene at your place with scented candles ,  heart balloons and picture collage. Don't forget to cook dinner...What could be more romantic than this.? 
Don't forget to put some romantic music in the background..

10. Lingerie

Because buying a sexy dress is so mainstream.. ;) Instead of going with usual Blacks, Reds and Pinks. Go for something different like Purple , Green.  And don't worry the attendant would be happy to help you.So, don't be shy.. :D

11. A Watch 

Buy him a watch.He can wear that all the time.. :)

12. A romantic novel

If your partner likes to read, gift a romantic novel.. :)

13. Dinner by pool side 

Most of you must have already decided this one..But those who haven't. Visit Zomato now.. 
Its always a romantic sight to have dinner near a pool side or near a monument.. :D

14. Time

No one can buy it..But that's the most precious thing..It doesn't have to be fancy..Just the two of you.. 

I hope you liked the post.. If you have any idea that I forgot.You can simply leave a comment below..So that others can read your ideas too. ;)

P.S. I do not own any of the above pictures.

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Anchal Mehra

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