Happy New Year Friends.. :D

I hope you all are well. So, excited to share my first post for the year.
While doing this shoot, I recollected some of my childhood days. I remember How much I loved wearing long socks and short skirts. And also, how my mother would cover my head with hat.

 ' Boots are the best part of Winters'.
I am sure you must have come across this line from almost every girl and I am just another girl who believes in it totally.

I was looking for thigh - high boots since a very long time unfortunately couldn't find perfect pair for myself. Recently, I came across these socks. Instantly I knew how to use these socks to give it an illusion of thigh-high boots.





This is the first time I have used this color combination.I never knew blue would go this well with monochrome. Tell me what do you think about this look in the comment section below.. :)

Sweater - Forever21, London
Skirt - Primark, London
Socks - Forever21
Shoes - Being Flawless 
Bag - Forever21 
Hat - Mussoorie

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Anchal Mehra