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Wedding Season is here :D , What could be more better than a Traditional blogpost.?


Recently, I attended Silver Jubilee Party and this is what I wore for the Mehndi ,the day before the actual ceremony took place.


There are very few occasions where I get chance to wear Indian clothes.But as soon as I got an opportunity I make full use of it. The best part of Indian dressing is Jewelry, Kundan being one of my favorite.Also, I take Kundan to be synonym of Royalty. 
When it comes to choosing colors for an outfit, you will always see me wearing the brightest ones.Though I had this outfit since long but I never got a chance to wear it. The outfit is of two colors Red and Magenta with Gold borders.Red Straight Pants with ankle length shirt and high side cut.Being an ankle length suit, it gives it an illusion of Indian gown and the borders at the bottom of the suit gives it a royal touch.
As usual, my jewelry was minimal.Just Earrings and my mom's ring. 

I hope you all liked my look. Don't forget to leave a comment, I love reading them. :D

Suit - Regalia
Earrings - Soni Sapphire
Ring  - Queen Up
Heels -Kin's

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