Pineapple Print

Summer to me is wearing cool prints.Question is what next print I shall buy this summer.??

From the very famous Floral print to Tropical Print to Daisy print, future is for Pineapple Print.Yes,you heard it right.Next print you need to add to your wardrobe,fashionistas.. :)

I am personally not a big fan of Pineapples.While I was searching about this print on internet,I ended up loving Pineapple Print so much and you will know why when you see the whole blog-post.(I might even start eating it.. :D )

Where you can buy Pineapple print..?

I really like this top.You can find this on ASOS and love the side ponytail,looks great with the top.. :)

If you want to go easy on the print,try this top from Forever21. You can wear it with colored shorts or simply with denims.Both ways its going to rock.

This matching top skirt is from H&M.Ok,this one is my personal favorite and can be used separately as well.You can wear this crop top with a Dungaree/Denim Overall and this skirt with black or white crop top.

Hitting a beach or going to a pool side party,wear this cute dress from River Island.You can wear a head chain with this one and also you can add hand accessories.

 You want to show the world that you and your bf are one of those lovey-dovey couple.You both can be print coordinated with this super hot shirt from Forever21 for your bf.

This super cool top from Zara,you can wear with Ripped jeans or shorts.

Also,if you are willing to go beyond pineapple clothing,then you can check out other ways to wear Pineapple Print.

Pineapple Chain-Will look amazing on a white top and colored pants or denims.. :)

Pineapple bikini will definitely look great on a beach day..  

 Flaunt your pineapple nails,this summer.. :D

This bag says it all..Isn't this bag cute..?

Pineapple Shoes,Perfect with denims.. :)

Last but again my favorite,Pineapple sunglasses.Those who are regular on my blog,know how much I love sunglasses.I think I am in love....... :D

I hope you guys like this post and would like to know which piece was your favorite.?
I do not own any of the above pictures.

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Happy weekend

Anchal Mehra