Nail Art,the new trend,which has acquired a status of its own.
Not only one has to update their outfits but also their nails.Infact,Nail Art has shifted all the limelight from your outfit.It has now become the most important feature in your look.You cannot go out,without it.

And yes just like other people,i Myself being Nail Art  and Nail Extension addict.I cannot imagine my life without them.
I have been getting my Nail Extension from last one and half year,though i wasn't a big fan of nail art at first but really liked 3D art and Brush art.Most of my Nail Art is done by Brush Art only.But i personally believe that one should never get 3D nail art in more than two fingers,and those who get it their nails look very loud.
I have attached a picture of 3D nail art which my friend got done,i really like the way she got it done and glad she dint get it done on all the nails but on two,which gives elegance to it..Another pic is when i clicked a girl,who was getting a nail art done while i myself was getting the Extension done,as u can see she included both Gold and Silver on her nails,the reason i liked them so much.(it releases your tension of your outfit being either silver or gold because you got them both :P) And last pic is of my nails which i got done long back,just loved the neon trend that time..Since i don't have my previous nail art to put sharing only these three..
I hope you like them..